• Data is central to any campaign for reducing road danger. Important sources are listed on our Data page, with some of our own spreadsheets that make the data easier to navigate.
  • Useful links points to other organisations also working to improve road safety.
  • Research reports provides further useful background.
  • Read our potted history of Vision Zero here.
  • The Vision Zero Policy Checklist helps campaigners assess how serious a highway authority is about reducing road danger.
  • We have a slightly different checklist for London boroughs to take into account the role that TfL plays in managing London’s road network.
  • A press release can announce the arrival of a new Action Vision Zero campaigning group.
  • Our template petition can build support for change. 
  • Use our template to write to your council to present the petition and call for immediate action with a Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • Further down the line encourage a motion in a full council meeting for a Vision Zero Action Plan.
  • The Action Vision Zero 2020 London Mayoral Elections manifesto can be downloaded here
  • Our guide to What my police did in 2019 can be seen here
  • Our guide to how the police tackle the Priority Offences for road danger appears here
  • The Action Vision Zero briefing on the wide variation that exists in traffic law enforcement by police forces across England and Wales appears here and can be downloaded as a pdf here

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