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We are longstanding campaigners for safer, people-friendly streets and roads with a focus on urban areas. We believe that what works to reduce road danger including eliminating casualties is already well known. Our aim is to make this knowledge freely available to campaigners.

Action Vision Zero is part-funded by the Foundation for Integrated Transport including through the Alastair Hanton Memorial Trust. Alastair was an inspiration to so many people (including Jeremy and Amy) in the Road Danger Reduction community and way beyond. Thanks to their support, all our services are free to campaigners.

Jeremy Leach

Jeremy has campaigned for a fairer balance between people and motor vehicles for more than 15 years. As a member of the Southwark Living Streets, the group worked to encourage Southwark to introduce a borough-wide 20mph speed limit which was finally confirmed in 2012. 

Since that time Jeremy has been the London campaign co-ordinator for 20’s Plenty for Us working with campaigners across London along with councillors, the boroughs, TfL and the GLA on the introduction of 20mph limits and improving compliance with them. More recently, policy has evolved rapidly with the adoption of Vision Zero targets. 

Jeremy is also chair of London Living Streets which was formed in August 2016 to speak up for people on foot across London and which is made up of London’s many local Living Streets groups.

Amy Aeron-Thomas

For over two decades, Amy has worked to improve the response of the justice system to road crashes and road danger. This includes with traffic law enforcement, collision investigation, criminal prosecution, sentencing and victims rights.

With Action Vision Zero since November 2019, Amy is coordinating their Roads Policing Campaign, with a joint PCC election manifesto with RoadPeace, 20’s Plenty for Us, British Cycling, Cycling UK, Living Streets, Road Danger Reduction Forum and Sustrans.

Previously Amy was the Advocacy and Justice Manager for RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims. She was responsible for developing policy and campaigns, monitoring developments in the justice system, and producing their guides explaining the justice system for road crash victims. Her reports include Justice and the Post Crash Response (2015), Road Death Investigation (2017), Causing Death by Careless Driving—10 years on  (2018),  and London Traffic law enforcement baseline review (2019). Amy has also worked for TRL in their international division, where her research on community participation in traffic law enforcement took her to RoadPeace. Amy is the Justice Advisor for the International Road Victims Partnership and has Masters degrees in Transportation Engineering and Planning from the University of Virginia.

Victoria Lebrec

Victoria started campaigning on road danger reduction issues following a crash in 2014 which nearly took her life. Whilst cycling to work, she was crushed by the driver of a skip lorry and unfortunately lost her leg following the collision. With a background working in advertising, Victoria’s campaigning work initially focussed on layout changes to the road where her crash happened, where two other women lost their legs whilst cycling. 

Working at RoadPeace initially alongside Amy in 2018, Victoria worked as Head of Policy, Campaigns and Communications until 2021. Her work centred around justice issues affecting crash victims, and she continues to be passionate about the post-crash response. 

She joins Action Vision Zero as Collision Investigation Campaign Coordinator, and alongside this is on the board for the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.

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