Post-Collision Response

Collisions are multi-factoral failures of the transport system. This is a different perspective from the old fashioned view of accidents with victims to blame.

Road safety has traditionally focused solely on prevention. But not all collisions can be prevented. It is important that the response by the transport, justice and health sector mitigates the consequences, including with learning from these failures.

The Post Collision Response is a key pillar in the Global Road Safety Plan. It covers:

  • Collision investigation, including for prevention purposes
  • Criminal justice
  • Civil justice
  • Medical care and rehabilitation, including emotional support
  • Rights for crash victims.

Road danger reduction has always included the justice system. This is part of tackling danger at source and protecting active road users from harm from drivers.

Some plans refer to Post-Crash care and are limited to medical actions, especially emergency services. Warwickshire’s Road Safety Strategy’s Post Collision Response focuses on medical treatment and victim support, but it does include an action for the Police to consider a multi-agency review of all fatal incidents on the network to identify any lessons to be learned.

London’s Vision Zero Action Plan refers to  Learning from collisions and improving justice and care for victims.

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