Safe speeds

Safe Speeds are an obvious priority in the Safe Systems approach. The speed at which a vehicle travels has a direct impact on the risk posed to other road users. The faster the vehicle, the greater the chance of a collision and the worse the outcome. 

With Road Danger Reduction, there are more reasons to decrease speed. Even if a collision does not occur, a speeding vehicle can cause harm, with:

  • increased intimidation
  • air pollution
  • greater noise
  • fuel consumption and
  • carbon emissions.

Speeds are to be appropriate for the street. But this has traditionally meant appropriate for drivers. Yet streets are shared by others, all more vulnerable than drivers.

Faster speeds means greater speed differential and increased risk to active road users sharing the road. This is not good for promoting active travel and encouraging people to drive less.

See below for the TfL London Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report section on Safe Speeds (pages 20 to 26)…

Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report (Nov21)

…and here is our assessment of how it delivers Road Danger Reduction priorities.

Below are the pages on Safe Speeds from the TfL Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report

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