Police & Crime Commissioner Elections – May 2021

PCC Elections 2021: Act on Road Danger: A Manifesto for Change

A coalition of campaign groups have come together to develop a manifesto for the PCC Elections that are due to be held in May 2021. Our aims are to ensure that:

  • Local campaigners have the tools they need to raise tackling road danger as a priority with the PCC election candidates from all parties.
  • PCC candidates know what is required from roads policing to begin to give communities the safe roads that they need.

We are calling on Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) candidates to commit to:

  1. Make road danger reduction a priority
  2. Tackle speeding—the greatest threat
  3. Be transparent and accountable
  4. Work with your community
  5. Improve the post-crash response.

So please:

1. Download our Joint Road Danger PCC manifesto here

2. Use our quick checklist here

3. Don’t forget to join our free webinar on Thursday 21st January with joining details here

Here are all the groups working together on this. We are really grateful to all of them for all of their support.

Current Police and Crime Plans & Road Safety

With the PCC elections just a few months away Action Vison Zero, RoadPeace and 20’s Plenty for Us have reviewed how road safety is covered in current police and crime plans.  Our new report summarising our findings can be found here.

It was good to see that over 77% (33 of 43) police and crime plans included road safety as a priority. Most had road safety within a wider priority, e.g. communities, but it was a stand-alone priority in seven plans:

Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire included the most detail in how they were addressing road safety in their police and crime plans. And even those where road safety was not a stated priority, such as with the Metropolitan Police Service, there was much commitment to reducing road danger and increasing transparency.

This review should be seen as a pre-Covid baseline as to how road safety was treated. Times have changed, and not just due to Covid. We may seeing greater government commitment to road danger reduction, with the promotion of walking and cycling and the discouragement of private motor vehicle use. This is not only for the transport sector and should be reflected in the next set of police and crime plans.

Police can not deliver safety on their own, especially not on the roads. Roads account for the largest share of public space and communities can play a key role in helping police detect and sanction speeding and other unsafe driving.

The road danger reduction community has come together and agreed a joint PCC 2021 election manifesto to be launched in the New Year. This manifesto has been agreed with national walking and cycling charities, all committed to road danger reduction. We want the next set of police and crime plans to reflect our changed circumstances and commit to reducing road danger. Priority must go on the offences which pose harm to others, especially those more vulnerable.

If you would like more information about your area and how well your current police and crime plan addresses road safety, please contact: amy@actionvisionzero.org

FREE WEBINAR! Don’t miss our PCC elections webinar – Tackling road danger at 5pm on on Thursday 21st January 2021 to hear how to ensure Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) tackle road crime in your community. The event is free and easy to sign up to at:

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