London Mayoral Election 2020: Action Vision Zero’s manifesto for safe streets

In 2019, 130 people were killed on London’s roads, including 71 people walking and five cycling. If London is to meet its target for zero deaths and serious injuries by 2041, a step change is needed in terms of its Vision Zero policies.

Action Vision Zero calls on candidates for Mayor of London in 2020 to commit to radical actions for less traffic, safe speeds, safe main roads and a culture change that puts Vision Zero at the heart of not just transport, but all the Mayor’s activities.

Vision Zero is not an isolated issue. Freeing our streets of the danger and dominance of motor traffic will also help London solve its air pollution, inactivity, congestion and climate change crises.

This means traffic reduction must be at the heart of Vision Zero. New research, explored here, reveals that it’s not just dangerous activities or designs that kill or injure: all traffic causes danger on our streets so it’s time to reduce that danger at source.

Please download our manifesto here. As well as our asks, it also contains background information about Vision Zero – the progress London is making, what is most effective to reduce the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on our roads and how transport needs to change.

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