Emerging from the Lockdown and Safe Roads: Vision Zero

During the lockdown we have seen huge increases in walking and cycling and the UK Government has given clear support for active travel in its recent policy announcements. At the same time though, we have seen the potential for increasing levels of road danger through higher vehicle speeds and more recently through rising traffic levels.

There has been much talk about building a future better than the past as we emerge from the lockdown and we would like to use this opportunity to propose a new way of looking at road safety to Local Authorities and Highway Authorities across the UK. As they are resetting policies around active travel it is now time to review road safety policies and set a course for a long-term target of zero road casualties. This will not only have a huge impact on the numbers of people killed and injured on the roads but will also help deliver other goals such as maintaining improved air quality and reducing emissions as part of climate change strategies.

In our latest Action Vision Zero briefing sheet we set out in detail a series of relatively low-cost policies that are needed to reduce road danger as we emerge from the lockdown. These are also effective first steps towards a longer-term Vision Zero approach.

If you would like to talk more about introducing these policies please do get in touch

Need to provide improved crossing facilities for pedestrians on main roads (Euston Road, London)

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