London Road Casualty Database 2005-2022

3rd October 2023

Transport for London has just released its latest statistics on road casualties in London covering the whole of 2022. These are summarised in an annual report that can be downloaded here.

Page 1 of the 2022 TfL Annual Report

In addition to the report, TfL also creates data extracts in csv files for every collision that results in a road casualty and these are available for every year in the period 2005 to 2022. To help analyse this data, we have created an Excel file that includes all the casualties over this period and allows these casualties to be analysed by year, where the casualty occurred (the borough), the mode of travel of the person injured, the severity, the highway authority ((TfL)TLRN/Borough), the speed limit and the road classification.

The Excel file that can be downloaded below consists of two worksheets:

  • 1. The database of all of these casualties between 2005 and 2022.
  • 2. A pivot table that allows analysis of the data.

Please note that these are casualties reported to the police (as part of STATS19) and no adjustment is made for the change in reporting practices that occurred in 2017 and led to a large increase in the numbers of serious casualties being reported.

We hope that having access to this data in a single spreadsheet will be of value in looking at the position across London overall and by borough.

Please note that there are many categories in the three csv files that make up the collision data extracts (Vehicle, Casualty and Attendant details) that we have not included but hopefully the ones we have selected are of value.

The file (40.0MB) can be downloaded here:

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