Vision Zero – Key Areas

Road safety plans and programmes, including Vision Zero strategies, are often organised by the Safe Systems approach with five key areas:

  • Safe roads
  • Safe speeds
  • Safe road users
  • Safe vehicles
  • Post crash response

Our webpages review each of these in light of the wider Road danger Reduction (RDR) priorities of:

  • Less traffic
  • Less speed
  • Less harm (including casualties, intimidation, pollution, emissions)
  • More active and sustainable travel

We also review the actions in the original London Vision Zero Action Plan (July 2018) and the updated Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report (November 2021) as to how they deliver on RDR priorities.

See the Vision Zero manifesto that a number of campaign groups developed for the 2021 Greater Manchester Mayoral Elections which set out the key areas for that a Vision Zero plan should cover

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