AVZ Blog (October 2022) Reducing Road Danger in London – Monthly Campaigners Meetings

If you are interested in reducing road danger and live or work in London, Action Vision Zero are planning to hold regular monthly meetings for London campaigners beginning with a first (online) meeting at 6pm on Monday, 24 October. 

The aim of the group meeting is to have an opportunity to raise issues around road danger that can then be taken up with the individual London boroughs, Transport for London (TfL) and the Metropolitan Police involving our elected members (boroughs and London-wide) as appropriate. The hope is that a more unified voice will enable everyone to:

a) understand the issues that other groups are facing
b) see what common themes need to be addressed

c) Identify and promote good practice in reducing road danger.

The first meeting will be very informal and is intended to understand the issues that people are facing but will cover:

  • Background to the TfL Vision Zero Action Plan and its target of zero fatal and serious road casualties in London by 2041: progress to date.
  • The issues that you are facing in your borough and how well your borough’s Transport Plan addresses the TfL Vision Zero actions.
  • Issues to raise at a borough and London level.
  • How everyone would like to group to operate and future topics for consideration.

If you would like to attend or learn more, please email jeremy@actionvisionzero.org

AVZ is supported by the Foundation for Integrated Transport

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