AVZ Blog: London Borough Vision Zero Road Danger Best Practice resource

3rd April 2023

The Mayor of London has set out Vision Zero goals that no-one will be killed or seriously injured on London’s roads by 2041. As the Vision Zero Action Plan Progress Report (November 2021) shows, much of the responsibility for this lies with Transport for London. BUT there is a huge amount that each of the 33 London boroughs can also do to help deliver these very significant reductions in road casualties as well as reducing intimidation and danger on the capital’s roads.

In our Best Practice resource guide below we have outlined what campaigners should be expecting to see and the sorts of policies the boroughs should be putting forward in their Transport Strategies and other related policy documents. The main policies that will be required to deliver Vision Zero are policies around:

  • Less speed
  • Less injury and intimidation
  • Less traffic
  • Sustainable travel and climate reslience.

On the first page of the resource we list the priority policies – these should be appearing in all plans. After that comes more detail and examples of boroughs which are implementing these policies.

Download the resource as a word document here and as a pdf here

Please do use this resource to press for effective policies and do get in touch if we can be of any help – contact: jeremy@actionvisionzero.org

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